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6 Washing Machine Mistakes That Could Dirtying Your Clothes

What’s the main purpose of washing machines? To quickly and effectively wash your clothes! In other words, it reduces or even eliminates the need for you to hand-wash your clothes, saving plenty of time and money. However, not everyone actually enjoys clean clothes as a result of using them. Do you feel the same way? If so, you might be wondering what’s happening. Well, if your clothes aren’t coming out of the washing machine as clean as you’d like, it might be time to take a closer look at your laundry habits. You might be making some common mistakes that are causing your clothes to come out dirty.

Here are six common washing machine mistakes that could be making your clothes dirtier:

Mistake 1. Overloading the Washing Machine

If you stuff too many clothes into the washing machine, they won’t have enough room to move around and get properly cleaned. This can lead to your clothes coming out dirty. So, don’t overstuff and overload your washing machine for maximum cleaning efficiency.

Mistake 2. Using Too Much Detergent

If you use too much detergent, it can actually leave your clothes feeling dirtier. This is because the detergent can build up on your clothes and make them feel grimy, which is something you never want. So, be minimal with the detergent. You can check the detergent instructions to know how much you should be using.

Mistake 3. Not Using Enough Detergent

If you don’t use enough detergent, your clothes won’t get as clean as they should as well. This is because the detergent is what helps to lift the dirt and grime from your clothes. So, once again, make sure to just use enough! Don’t use too little, let alone too much.

Mistake 4. Washing in Too Hot Water

If you wash your clothes in water that’s too hot, it can actually set the dirt and stains into the fabric. This will make them much harder to remove, turning your washing machine ineffective.

Mistake 5. Washing in Too Cold Water

If you wash your clothes in water that’s too cold, the detergent won’t work as well, and your clothes won’t get as clean. So, make sure to use warm water, but as we said previously, don’t go too hot, either.

Mistake 6. Not Sorting Your Laundry

If you don’t sort your laundry, you could end up washing your clothes in the wrong water temperature. You could also end up washing your delicate items with your heavy items, which can damage them. So, sort them by separating whites from colours, delicate items from more durable ones too. Also, don’t wash fabrics that don’t actually need much washing, like jeans, as they can lose their colour.


Do you find yourself committing the mistakes we’ve talked about today? If so, then make sure to do your best to avoid them. They all can interfere with your washing machine’s ability to thoroughly clean your clothes, and it can even cause you to end up spending more money on water, electricity, and so on.

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