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5 Compelling Signs You Need to Repair Your Washing Machine

A broken washing machine can be extremely frustrating, especially if a pile of dirty laundry is waiting to be washed.

Fortunately, not all problems with a washing machine mean that it is nearing the end of its lifespan. Many problems can be fixed with a quick repair. Catching warning signs early is key to avoiding having the machine break down at an inconvenient time. Here are a few examples.

1) Unhinged Vibrations

One of the most common problems in washing machines is that of clothes getting out of balance, causing them to violently swing back and forth. This movement can cause the clothes to get caught on the agitator and be ripped apart.

When a washing machine is vibrating unacceptably, this is a sign that a repair is required. The vibration can damage the machine, the washer and the floor.

2) Violent Noise

Another sign that a repair is needed is a loud noise that may indicate a problem with the bearing of the washing machine. The sound of the machine working is natural, but if the noise is violent and unusual, this is a sign of bigger problems.

Loud noises from the washing machine usually indicate a problem with the gasket or the drum. This noise might also be a sign that the machine is about to break down.

3) Bad Draining

If the draining of the washing machine is not working properly, this can cause the machine to tumble and spin unevenly, causing damage to the clothes.

A washing machine that is not draining water is a sign that something is blocking the hose. This could be due to a variety of reasons, including a clog or a kink in the hose. A solution to this problem is to clean the hose and ensure the air holes are open.

4) Compromised Drum Movement

Even a new washing machine may have a problem with the drum movement. If a washing machine is not spinning properly, this can cause clothes to get caught and torn. If the drum is not spinning correctly, this is a sign that an internal part is loose.

There are several parts that may need to be repaired or replaced. If the drum seems to be moving slower than it should, there is a possibility that the bearing needs to be fixed.

5) No Power

If the washing machine is no longer running, there is a good chance that it has suddenly decided to stop working altogether. This is a major sign that a problem is present and that something needs to be fixed.

There are many components in a washing machine that use power and if one of these breaks down, the machine will no longer be able to spin and rotate at the appropriate speed.

If you have been having problems with any of these signs, or if you are experiencing any other problems with your washing machine, it is time to call a technician.


Now that you know the signs of a broken washing machine, what you can do to prevent future breakdowns, and who to call if you are experiencing problems, you are prepared for almost any situation.

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