Our Services Include

Washing Machines

Clarkes repair both domestic and commercial washing machines on a regular basis
  • No power
  • Will not start
  • Problems with the spin cycle
  • Water flow problems
  • Leaking or will not drain
  • Clothes are not cleaned adequately
  • Rattling or other strange noises
  • Burning or other smells


We repair both domestic and commercial dishwashers that:
  • Will not start
  • Are blocked
  • Will not drain properly
  • Have heating problems
  • Leaking
  • Leave unwashed dishes
  • Funny noises
  • That give off strange or unpleasant odours

Clothes dryer

We repair both domestic and commercial clothes dryers when they:

  • Will not start
  • Will not heat
  • When dryer stops before cycle is complete
  • Clothes are not dried adequately
  • Clothes take too long to dry
  • Dryer is making rattling or other noises, and more

Cooktops/ stoves

We repair stoves/ cooktops when they:
  • Will not power on
  • Cracked glass
  • Buttons not working
  • Will not heat


We repair ovens when they:
  • Do not start
  • Do not heat up
  • Problems with buttons/dials
  • Can’t see display
  • Fan issues
  • Making funny noises


We repair rangehoods that commonly:
  • Will not turn on
  • Does not provide adequate ventilation
  • Make strange noises
  • Emit a burning smell or strange odour