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5 of the Most Common Signs Your Oven Needs to Be Repaired

Your home is where you feel most comfortable and safe because it is a place to relax, enjoy time with family and friends, and make memories. For this reason, you make it to a point where you have your appliances to make daily living easier. You can find many appliances in a home, such as an oven.

An oven is essential for home because it can bake, roast, and grill food. Ovens come in various sizes and styles and are an excellent way to make delicious meals and desserts, so they are also perfect for large gatherings. However, ovens are not flawless because they can also break, much like any other appliance. For this reason, homeowners must never ignore the signs their oven needs to be repaired. These include:

#1 – Burner Problems

The burners on your stovetop are an essential part of your cooking process. They are usually used more than the oven itself, and without them, you won’t be able to cook properly. If your burners aren’t working correctly, you likely need to make repairs. Depending on your oven type, the issue could be related to an electrical or a gas problem.

#2 – Electrical Problems

Many ovens today require electricity to function, even when fuelled by gas. Electrical issues are the most common problem that needs to be fixed in these ovens. If you have seen your oven’s electricity become unsteady or have difficulty switching it on or off, it may be time for an urgent repair. Electricity can be hazardous, so getting proper training and certification is recommended before fixing electrical issues.

#3 – Gas Problems

If your oven is powered by gas, it is essential to be aware of any possible issues. Gas ovens typically emit an odour when burning gas, which is often mistaken for gas leakage when it is not. Nevertheless, if you detect an odour of gas, it is best to be cautious and turn off the gas supply immediately. If the smell persists even after you have shut off the oven, it could indicate a gas leak, and you should call a certified professional to inspect the gas pipes and oven.

#4 – Thermometer Failure

If you consistently notice your food coming out of the oven either too burnt or not cooked all the way through, it may be a sign that the internal thermometer of your oven is malfunctioning. If this occurs more than occasionally, the oven needs to be looked at by a professional. This is the best way to make sure that the issue is diagnosed correctly. The technician can help determine other potential issues if the thermometer is not the problem.

#5 – Oven Door Issues

You might think that the oven door is a simple barrier between you and your food, but it is a vital component of the oven’s operation. A malfunctioning door can cause various issues, including temperature fluctuations, uneven cooking, and a lack of insulation. If you notice any of these issues, you should have the door checked by a professional. Fortunately, this problem is an easy fix for most oven repair professionals, and even you can do it.

How Long Do Ovens Last?

Most ovens last for 13 to 15 years, so having one is a worthwhile investment. However, this depends on several factors, such as how often you use it, how well you maintain it, and what type of oven you have. It can last even longer if you take care of your oven and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


An oven is a valuable and long-lasting kitchen appliance that can last long with proper maintenance. However, one must always pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions and pay attention to regular cleaning and care. This way, you can reap the benefits of having one and make your home life easier.

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