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6 Common Causes of a Leaky Dishwasher and How to Fix It

We all take our dishwashers for granted. We assume that it’ll work day in and day out. While that’s preferable, of course, like anything else in this world, they will deteriorate and run into problems over time. And once your dishwasher suddenly runs into an issue, you may be stressed out.

That said, one of the common problems with a dishwasher is that it starts leaking. An obvious sign of this is that you notice a puddle around the dishwasher when it starts working. Of course, you can simply deal with this by mopping up the floor, but really, this solution doesn’t tackle the root cause of the problem.

So, are you sick and tired of mopping up after your dishwasher? Well, let’s talk about the common causes of a leaky dishwasher and what you can do to remedy the issue:

1. Worn or Damaged Seals

Over time, the seals around the door of your dishwasher can become worn or damaged. And because these seals are responsible for keeping the water inside your dishwasher in, the seals being damaged results in water seeping out around or through them, causing the puddles. To fix the issue, inspect the seals for any signs of wear or damage, and replace them if necessary.

2. Clogged or Blocked Drain Hose

If the drain hose of your dishwasher is clogged or blocked, it can cause water to leak out as it is backed out into the dishwasher and stands a much higher chance of leaking. So, to address this, inspect the drain hose for any blockages and clear them if necessary.

3. Faulty Door Latch

If the door latch on your dishwasher is not working properly, it can cause the door to leak. A door latch is supposed to ensure the door is tightly closed on the dishwasher, and a problematic latch means that it won’t create a good seal. As such, inspect the door latch for any damage or wear and replace it if necessary.

4. Worn or Damaged Door Gasket

The door gasket is the seal that runs around the perimeter of the dishwasher door. If the gasket is worn or damaged, it can cause the door to leak. To remedy this, inspect the gasket for any signs of wear or damage, and replace it if necessary.

5. Leaking Water Supply Line

The water supply line is the hose that supplies water to the dishwasher. If the hose is leaking, it can cause water to leak from the dishwasher. As such, inspect the hose for any signs of leaks and replace it if necessary.

6. Faulty Float Switch

The float switch is a safety device that prevents the dishwasher from overflowing with water. If the float switch is working properly, it can prevent the dishwasher from leaking. For that reason, inspect the float switch for any damage or wear, and replace it if necessary.


These problems can cause your dishwasher to leak in various ways. For that reason, it is vital to inspect your dishwasher as a whole for any possible reasons for the leak. For instance, if you notice your dishwasher leaking, check the seals or the latch. On the other hand, if you notice that the water is filling up much more than usual, check the float switch. Either way, once you do discover the problem, address it right away for a headache-free dishwasher experience!

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